Don’t waste your time with:

-people who can’t respect you
-people who can’t respect your choices
-people who are going to judge you

Whoever they are they are not worth one millisecond. If they don’t like what you you do, wear, or say they can go take a stroll out of your life. The first person you need to look out for is you. What a lot of people say is true: if you’re okay then everything around you should be okay.

take care be yourself dont waste your time

i’m not really an author

It is what I intended this blog to be about, my writing, but it probably won’t. This will be a blog about me. About my discovery. About my place. I haven’t found it yet but it is only the beginning. For now I am a horrid med student with a lot of bumps in her path. I want this though…and I’ll be damned if I don’t change that striked word to something wonderful. I am somebody struggling to fit in with the rest of the world. By no means am I a special snowflake, just somebody who is a bit out of place for now. I am a dreamer who was never been in love, who has spent bitter years on this earth, who is tired. I want to change. I’m going to change. I may write something though, because I truly do love writing. It may go somewhere or not but at least I’ll have fun doing it. 

me personal hello world